Jumuah Signup is Mandatory .

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There are two Jumuah salat one at 1:20PM and another at 1:45PM. Please go through the guidelines below and abide by them, if you are planning to attend.

Jumuah Guidelines – Phase 2 Limited Reopening 

Based on the governor’s advisory for the places of worship, ICR will take a phased approach to opening up of the Masjid.

Jumuah will be conducted with strict rules that will be enforced for everyone’s safety and protection.

Please see the required rules below:

Mandatory Jumuah sign up:
All participants must sign up using the sign up form link. This is mandatory. This will help us in arrangement as well as contact tracing, if needed. Sign up will be checked before entry into the Masjid. 

Who can attend the Jumuah prayers?
a) Only adult males (Over 15 yrs and below 60 yrs) will be allowed to participate in Jumuah for safety reasons. 
b) Sisters and young children cannot be accommodated due to organizational challenges and health and safety reasons in Phase 1 opening and are encouraged to pray at home.
c) Elderly people, people who are sick, those who have preconditions which make them vulnerable and those who have recently traveled to COVID hot spots should not participate in Jumuah and are encouraged to pray at home.

a) Masks are mandatory
b) Personal prayer rug is mandatory. 
c)People will not be allowed into the building without mask and personal prayer rug. 
d) Social distancing of 6ft between musalleen will be enforced even for salat and must be practiced at all times on the property. 

Prayer area setup::
Plastic drop cloth will be placed on the carpet to avoid contamination and prayer spots will be marked 6ft apart for implementing social distancing in salat. Personal prayer rug will used on top of the plastic. The plastic will be removed and discarded after each salat.

To accommodate multiple jamaat, we will place multiple layers of plastic drop cloth one above other. After each salat, the top layer will be removed and discarded. Next jamaat will pray on the clean plastic drop cloth.

Capacity of the Masjid due to social distancing is 100 for each salat which is 1/8th of the approved occupancy. 

Timings, Entry and Exit::
a) There will be two jamats of Jumuah

First jamaat:
Arrive between 1:05PM and 1:15PM
Screening and entry will take time
Khutbah – 1:20PM
Finish and depart : 1:30PM

Second Jamaat:
Arrive between – 1:30PM and 1:40PM
Screening and entry will take time
Khutbah – 1:45PM
Finish and depart : 1:55PM

b)Congregants shall form a queue when entering the Masjid standing 6ft apart. They will be checked if they had signed up for the prayers. 
c) Congregants must leave the building immediately after Salat in an orderly fashion and perform Nafl salat at home. 
d) Plastic after first jamaat will be removed. After Second jamaat, Masjid will be closed for sanitization and disinfecting the place.
e) People must perform wudu at home. Restrooms will be closed to avoid contamination.
f) Building will be disinfected on the weekend after Jumuah preparing it for next Jumuah.

3. No food services or any other vendor activities will be allowed in the Masjid premises before or after Salat.
4. All educational programs including Maktab, Deen4Teens, Guest lecture series, Pearls of Quran, Al Iman Academy will continue to be conducted online. 

We hope that the community understands that these guidelines will be enforced for everyone’s safety and cooperate in implementing it. Failing to cooperate will make it difficult to continue to keep the facility open.

As Muslims, it is our duty to minimize harm and seek the greater good. Let us all strive to help prevent the spread of the Corona Virus by taking the precautions given by the CDC below: