Starting June 5th

As part of limited re-opening of Masjid Yusuf, all daily salat will be conducted outside in the porch and the parking lot of the Masjid, Insha Allah. Inside of the Masjid is not accessible except for Jumuah salat to avoid contamination and safety of the congregation. 

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 trends, discuss with the medical advisors and take appropriate decisions as we open up cautiously. 

Mandatory guidelines for Daily Salat prayed outside:
1. Social distancing at all times. Stay at least 6ft apart from others.
2. Masks
3. Prayer rug 
4. Keep shoes with you 
5. Restrooms not accessible 
6. Must be in appropriate age group between 12 and 60 can attend
7. People with preconditions that make them vulnerable to COVID-19, and Sick are requested to pray at home
8. No Hugging, No Hand shaking, and No Food or Drink

As Muslims, it is our duty to minimize harm and seek the greater good. Let us all strive to help prevent the spread of the Corona Virus by taking the precautions given by the CDC below: