Islamic Center Of Richmond (ICR) is a registered 501c(3) non-profit religious organization in Richmond, VA. ICR has been serving the muslim community since 2007 and caters to the needs of hundreds of families in and around Richmond. Primary Goals and Objectives of ICR: Uphold and apply the principles and practices of Islam as revealed by Allah to Prophet Muhammad[PBUH]. Organize religious, educational, and charitable activities for the benefit of the Muslim community in Virginia, with particular emphasis on the residents of the counties of Henrico, Goochland, Hanover,chesterfield, and the city of Richmond; and Establish, maintain, and operate the ICR facilities for religious, educational, and community services. Governing principles pursuant to which the Organization will operate include the following: Shura (mutual consultation), as defined by Al-Quran (the holy book of Al Islam) and As-Sunnah (the practices and teachings of Prophet Muhammad[PBUH]), shall constitute the primary governing principle; Religious sources, in descending order of authority: (i) the Quran, (ii) the Sunnah, (iii) the Ijmaa? (total consensus of the Sahaba), (iv) the legacy of the pure Islamic doctrines and practice of Ahlus-Sunna Wa Al-Jama?ah, (v) the legacy of the four renowned scholars of Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), and (vi) all decisions shall be accepted and defended by every member, as long as they are in accordance with these sources; and No activities that violate the injunctions of Al-Quran and As-Sunnah shall be permitted in the organization by the Shura Council or any member of ICR.


Islamic Center of Richmond [ICR] was founded as a service oriented Islamic organization in 2007. Since the inception, the focus of the organization has been to provide all the programs and services needed to strengthen the faith and facilitate the good deeds of the entire Muslim community and the future generations. ICR has successfully established many programs and services even before building the Masjid and conducts many of these programs and services at rented locations. ICR's vision is to establish a Masjid & a Full-time Islamic school. ICR has already embarked on this journey and has already started the construction of the Masjid as first phase of the project. Islamic school will be established in the second phase and already the plan of development has been approved by the Henrico county. ICR will continue to strive to establish many more programs and services, Insha Allah [By the will of Allah] Current Programs and Services ----------------------------- 5 times daily salaat? Jumuah Salaat Ramadan Daily Iftar arrangement Ramadan Taraweeh Salaat Eid Salaats Quran Memorization [Tahfeez] Program Evening Quran Recitation [Nazira] Program Sunday school Saturday Youth Program Summer Youth Program Zakat & Sadaqa distribution to the needy muslims Udhiya Distribution New Muslim support Literature support for prospective Muslims Daily Hadith Halaqa - Conducted by community members Weekly Visitation of Muslims - Conducted by community members Weekly Sisters Tajweed class - Conducted by community members Future Programs and Services ---------------------------- Full time Imam to lead the religious affairs of the community Marriage Service Funeral Service Adult & Youth Counselling Sisters Islamic classes Youth Tarbiyah workshops Weekly Quran Tafseer program Outreach to Non-Muslims Open house programs Library of Islamic books Full-time Islamic school


ICR is a 501 (c)(3) Non-profit Organization Registered in 2007 Merges with Chelsea musalla which started in 1999 Goal - to organize religious, educational and charitable activities Started in "Town Home" [capacity 25] 5 time salat, iftaar & taraweeh Jumua Salat facility - Innslake Dr Relocated to Mayland Dr [600sqft]
Provided 2500sqft facility for Ramadan ICR initiates the first daily iftaar & taraweeh in the community for families Expansion - 1800sqft Twin Hickory location opens
Sunday school starts in Twin Hickory Daily Arabic classes for kids in Mayland Arabic & Tajweed classes in Mayland Expansion - Mayland from 600sqft to 1200sqft. Weekly Youth Halaqa in Twin Hickory 4000sqft space rented for Ramadan Free baby-sittiing & kids-care during Ramadan Daily community iftaar and taraweeh
Twin Hickory Sunday School reaches capacity Waiting list for sunday school Mayland facility expanded to 1800sqft Jumua space reaches capacity during summer. 6000sqft space rented for Ramadan Daily Iftaar and Taraweeh ICR announces intention for masjid, seeks support Outstanding support from community [Jazaakumu Allaahu Khayran] Search for a land begins
Six months after fund raising, ICR acquires land in March Sisters Tajweed & Hadith classes in Mayland ICR completes payment for the land in July. Tahfeez-ul-Quran Program begins in July Taraweeh starts in Hungary Rd in August Jumua Salat in Hungary Rd starts in August
Plan of Development approved by Henrico County
Saturday School for Youth Comfort suites jumua location moved to Wingate in Short Pump. Twin Hickory location closed Sunday School moves to Mayland (Larger space and better facilities) Mayland location moves to larger space in adjacent building Jumuah location moved from Wingate to Mayland Muslla
Three students graduated by completing the memorization of the Quran Six weeks Summer Youth program for both boys and girls successfully completed. Site plan of Masjid Yusuf approved by Henrico County. Contract signed with Site work contractor for Site work. Ground breaking done in the month of Ramadan - 1435 (07/12/2014) Architect contracted for developing Architectural plans. Site work in progress

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